I'm a Product Engineer and Entrepreneur. In 2019, I bootstrapped 07 startups. Then, I helped Matt Mochary to turn his coaching methodology into software as his Head of Product.

Today, I'm building a search engine for worldwide jobs.


Based in São Paulo, Brazil – Remote

Social Media: Twitter & LinkedIn

Say hello at: hey@phelipemartin.com


Head of Product

Mochary Method, Remote – (Oct 2020 - Ago 2022)

I helped Matt Mochary turn his coaching methodology into software.


Magicdocs.co, São Paulo, Brazil – (Jan 2018 - Oct 2020)

After graduating, I quit my management job to start a construction company. Although this company failed, this led me down the rabbit hole of tech. The more I learned about building products and coding, the more I wanted to be part of it.

In the end, I've built 7 startups in the past 2.5 years. They range from agencies, ecommerce to SaaS.

If you're curious about them, you can explore every project I built below: