Floor plan generator according to plot size and family needs

This time I partnered with a friend of mine, an MIT architecture graduate, to try things out. The idea was to provide a good architecture for everyone. Most Brazilians don't have the means to pay for an architect to plan their dream homes. So it's common to see buildings without a blueprint. We wanted to change that. We wanted to provide custom blueprints for a reasonable price.

What happened

We started with this research paper to match plot sizes and family needs with a custom blueprint. We built a simple rhino-grasshopper model but quickly realized that the ****complexity grew exponentially ****with each added feature. Our approach wouldn't do it. We thought that AI was the only solution, but we didn't have any expertise in AI. We learned AI basics, but the project was way more advanced than we thought. Our experiment was over.

Grasshopper Prototype

Grasshopper Prototype